Privacy Policy

According to the agreement you made with us, we at The Buddy Packaging UK promise not to share your data with any third party. However, we will only use it for shipping, order completion, and contact purposes. We take privacy seriously and have a strict policy in place to protect all of your information. We guarantee your data is safe and out of reach of harmful things.

Informations Collections Process

Using our website does not collect any personal or sensitive data from the customers, such as their email addresses. Our website only collects basic personal information like the IP address, browser version, and browser name. We do not share any personal or sensitive data with any other third party.

When you make an order on our website, you may be required to provide us with your financial and sensitive data such as your credit card information. This helps us process information for transactions. However, we cannot share this data with shipping companies, banking institutions, or third parties for payment. You can change, update and delete your account information on our website.

Ways We can use your information?

We use this data to better provide you with our products, with browsers’ names and IP addresses we can better provide you with solutions that suit your system. Pages you visit and love the most are always placed on top of the list, it made all such decisions using the information in order to provide you best possible solutions at the earliest and top priority.

Data Security

We take the security of your information, your users on our site, and other information they provide to us seriously. We have already taken all the steps to protect it. There is no unauthorized access even any access restricted to office employees. Our website encrypts all this information using SSL Secure socket layers; SSL is the best security check when data is transferred from the client to the server. Even after SSL encryption data is not 100% safe on the web, so we do not warrant any kind of information clients sends to us.

Business Transactions

Any business transaction, any selling Buddy Packaging, affiliation with any other company, partnership with any other company, or transfer in possessions will include the transfer or sharing of your information that we collected during the order and site visit.

Cookies Data

Cookies are small files used to store user information; Buddy Packaging UK uses cookies in order to store information like user behavior and response against the website. It can delete these cookies by using the browser cookie removal process after using the website.

External Sites and Links

External links that lead to customers on other sites, is not responsible for the information collected by other sites. We are solely responsible for the data and information that is collected while using our site.

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